Dalmatian Club of Northern California

Dalmatian Club of Northern California


Our hope is that we can provide the assistance you need to make it work for you to keep your Dal in your home. If YOU are willing to put in some extra effort to resolve whatever problems exist, we'd love to help. Please send us an email. Begin by completing the Placement Profile (click here for the profile). The Placement Profile will help us to determine whether the issues you are facing can be resolved through some type of intervention (i.e., training, modifications to physical surroundings).

If you believe the problem(s) can not be resolved or you are truly unable to keep your dog, we ask YOU, as a responsible pet owner, to make every effort to find a qualified home for your Dal. Completing the Placement Profile will assist you in assessing the type of home your dog needs and the likelihood of its existence. Place an ad in your local paper; our guideline for writing an ad should help with this.

When you get a response, you can use the Adoption Applicable to screen potential owners. However, if our Dalmatian has bitten or has a history of aggression, major health issues, including deafness or is over the age of eight, rehoming may not be the responsible or kind solution.

Remember when trying to place your dog, every Dalmatian needs:

  • lots of love and exercise
  • to be allowed in and to sleep in the house
  • a proper diet (low in purines)
  • proper veterinary care and inoculations
  • qualified obedience traininig

After you have made a serious effort at problem resolution or placement, if you still need our assistance, please email Laurie Isaacson at norcaldalrescue@hotmail.com.